The 2013 Brit Awards.


I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Brit Awards this year which was technically supposed to be ‘work’ but ended up being more ‘play.’ I was working behind the scenes for The Brits Official After Party, trying to snap the celebs for the Twitter feed and the Facebook album. With that I managed to meet a number of artists that feature regularly on my playlists including One Direction (guilty pleasure ok), Tom Odell, Jake Bugg and the legend that is Justin Timberlake. I managed to get inside to watch the awards take place from the floor next to where all the stars were seated at their tables which was a pretty overwhelming experience. I couldn’t believe my eyes when one minute I was next to Calvin Harris, then Lily Allen, then Justin Timberlake and turn around for a minute to see Lana Del Rey sweep past me saying a quick hello to Kate Hudson on the way to the toilet. So many of my favourite musicians in one place. What a night it was.


525076_10200097844641983_1246305706_n 602026_10200097843921965_1176574201_n


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