Tim Walker: Storyteller



I finally got to go and check out the magical Tim Walker, Storyteller exhibition at Somerset House and fell even more in love with his photography than ever. Not only did you get to wander around gazing at his magical photographs, you got to see some of the magnificent props he used first hand, like a giant swan boat and super-sized snails crawling across the ceiling. Whilst I was there I seemed to be (unintentionally) following around one of his assistants who was at the exhibition with her family. Each time they stopped at something she was able to explain how they ended up with the image or obstacles that they had on that particular shoot, so I decided to follow her route, eavesdropping as subtly as I could. One of our fave ever shoots by Walker was the Like A Doll editorial for Vogue Italia, featuring Lindsey Wixson. They had the giant doll that is featured in the shoot which was a little bit creepy, but it was nice to see that the doll hadn’t been superimposed into the images in any way. The video room showed behind the scenes footage from a number of his shoots and I thoroughly enjoyed watching  how the Monty Python series had come to life. The exhibition was supposed to be photography free, but I couldn’t help myself taking a few sneaky snaps for my personal collection along the way.

So Long Dry January…

Steaming Bison
Steaming Bison

One of my favourite local haunts is an amazing little cocktail bar in Dalston, Ruby’s. I’ve been all over the world but have to say that the best cocktail that I’ve ever had has to be their chill apple vanilla martini. Literally can’t get enough of them (which is why I have to give myself a limit on how many I’m allowed when I go there). I decided to sack of the dry January thing and beat the Jan blues by treating myself to 3 on Thursday night although that managed to turn into 3 cocktails followed by a few bottles of wine and a late night. I did mix things up a bit and try out a newbie in the form of a winter warmer, The Steaming Bison, which was a mix of some kind of liqueur with vanilla, cinnamon and topped up with hot apple juice. De-lish! If you haven’t been to Ruby’s then I suggest you go. One of my favourite discoveries of 2012.

Oh Holy Fire

Holy Fire

The 11th February 2013 is a day I’ve been waiting for, for a long, long time. Finally, one of my favourite bands, Foals, will be releasing their third (and let’s hope best yet) album, Holy Fire. I’ve already had the track, My Number, on repeat solidly for the past week and I’m hoping that the rest of the album is going to follow suit. After seeing Foals for the firs time at Glastonbury 2010, not long after they released their second album, Total Life Forever, I fell in love. That album has to be my most played album throughout 2011 and possibly even 2012 and I’m still not sick of it, with Spanish Sahara coming in at one of my favourite songs of all time. My Number appears to be true to the sounds of the second album, although being my favourite so far,  you can’t fault Antidotes with songs like Hummer and Cassius taking me back to my uni days. One of my favourite nights of 2011 was seeing Foals at Warehouse Project in Manchester the eve before New Year’s Eve and they also managed to take the sting out of the Glasto blues the week after at Wireless festival where Pulp headlined. Roll March 28th when I shall be seeing them again at The Royal Albert Hall and hurry up 11th Feb, as I’m dying for my dose from Yannis and co.