The Governors Ball 2013

Instead of heading to Coachella or Burning Man this year, I’m timing my annual trip to NYC with The Governors Ball. Held on Randall’s Island right in the heart of The Big Apple this year’s line up sees a variety of acts across all genres taking the stage. With Kanye West, Kings Of Leon and Guns N Roses as the headliners, it already goes from rap to rock, which is one reason why I liked the look of this line up. Spread across three days, we’ll get to see everyone from The XX, Beach House, Kenrick Lamar, Miguel, Haim, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, Alt-J and Azealia Banks to name a few. Not only are we going to get a bit of festival action but outside of festival hours we’ll be able to roam around the city, eating and drinking and my favourite haunts, shopping at my favourite spots and wandering aimlessly around Central Park. Roll on June.

Coachella 2013


So the day I’d been anticipating for ages finally came… The Coachella 2013 line up announcement. To be honest, I was dreading it (or my bank account was) because I knew if it was as good as last year I’d be booking a ticket and not eating for the next three months in order to go. Luckily, for my bank balance’s sake, I wasn’t blown away. As good as they are, I didn’t feel as though the headliners, are worth a trip to California since their probably isn’t going to be any year defining ‘stunts’ this year. Let’s face it; if getting to see Dr Dre and Snoop (then) Dogg on the West Coast wasn’t enough, we were just so lucky enough to be graced with an appearance from the one and only Tu Pac, in hologram form. No disrespect to Blur and The Stone Roses, but with their oh-so-cool reputation I don’t think it’s in their nature. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the other hand are more likely to pull something out the bag, especially being Cali natives, but they don’t have that flash attitude that the rappers have.
Last year, I thought there were a fair few British acts on the line-up but this year I think there are taking over. The funny thing is that there are so many of my favourite artists on the list, but I have seen most of them in the last year or am going to see them in the next few months. As amazing as it would be to see them live, tucked neatly between the beautiful mountains of Palm Springs, on the super green, mud-free manicured lawns of Empire Polo Club, you just can’t beat seeing an act that you love on their own stage. Coachella 2012 was an amazing experience for me, so I’m going to leave it at that and maybe make my return to Indio in 2014 instead.

Oh Hi Cyril Hahn


Please forgive me if I’m a bit behind on the buzz but I’ve finally clocked on and oh my god… Cyril Hahn! Call me boring or old before my time, but I’m a bit over the days of partying in dingy warehouses until the sun shines the next day (but I can definitely still do it when I want to) but sitting in my bedroom listening to this guy’s mixes is making me want to do nothing more than go out and party like it’s 2007-8 again! I first heard his remix of the classic and my favourite Destiny’s Child song, Say My Name when I working in a studio and actually tried to Shazam it. Shazam failed me as it only brought up the original, I didn’t think anything more of it after that. Then I kept seeing Facebook and Twitter posts popping up about this guy Cyril Hahn so I thought I must check him out. Jumping on the bandwagon a little late here, but after five minutes spent on his Soundcloud, I was quickly been converted to a fan. I love the way he fuses two things I love, pop music and deep house music, for a result that’s magically enchanting in the way that it infiltrates your ears so you want to get up and dance. Sadly, he’s only playing one date in London for the foreseeable future which happens to be the same night I’m going to the Disclosure warehouse party (told you I could still do it when I wanted too) so I can’t make any dates with Cyril for now, but I’m hoping he’ll be back to tickle my ears at some point in the festival season.

Nick Knight: Flora


This image comes from the famously known photographer, Nick Knight. He’s recently released a series of prints that have been 10 years in the making due to the long developing process that they have incurred. Inspired by still life paintings from the 16th Century, Knight has taken a photograph and applied different techniques, such as heat and exposure, during the printing process which has left the image with a beautiful effect where colours seem to magically bleed into one another and take on a life of their own. He began the project when Knight and his wife were granted entry to the Natural History Museum’s Verbariam, in 1993 for his installation of ‘Plant Power’ Flora. With access to 6 million different species (which took three years for him to go through) he chose a final 46 specimens to photograph and almost 15 years later he decided to release 15 images for us to observe and enjoy. Sadly I missed this exhibition that was shown at his Show Studio space on London’s Bruton Place, but considering all the time and effort that went into creating these lovely pieces, they deserved a mention anyway.