The Black Keys @ O2 Arena




One of my favourite bands undoubtedly is, The Black Keys. They played a couple of shows at The O2 this week and I managed to get my hands on a few standing tickets for their first London night. Supporting them were another band I’ve got a soft spot for, but I only caught the last couple of songs from their set as we were running late. This was the third time I’d seen The Black Keys play this year with a smaller show at Ally Pally in March and for their Friday night headline shot at Coachella. Although I’d have to say this was my least favourite time, they still put on a wicked show, pulling out some of the favourites from a selection of their seven albums. They opened with the song that probably took them into the mainstream limelight, Howlin’ For You from their 2010 album Brothers, whilst pulling out songs from Attack & Release and their most recent, El Camino. Hearing Your Touch from their 2006 album, Magic Potion, was probably one of my highlights. Being right down at the front meant that we came out drenched in what we hoped was beer (but you never know!) none the less, we left the arena soggy and sweaty but on a high and straight into the bar next door where they had the album on and carried on dancing. The duo are set to release their eighth album later on this year… and I can’t wait!